Coffee is most often used to drink in the morning to make you excited, but you can benefit from caffeine before training, experts say.

Namely, coaches and athletes say that caffeine is often a component of expensive substitutes because it prolongs performance for five to 20 minutes. The same is true with coffee if it is consumed with food.

“Your body still needs carbohydrates, fats and proteins to handle the training. If you want to drink coffee before, do not consume it instead of meals, but with it, “says nutritionist Megane Medrano.

Coach Brennan Mejia’s cup of coffee will drink before training if you need extra energy.

“If you want to have the most benefit of caffeine during exercise, take 45 minutes before training,” he advises.

Studies have shown that the caffeine concentration is highest 45 minutes after drinking coffee. From that moment on, your body has the benefits of caffeine and then reduces its effect.

It is important not to overdose with the intake of caffeine. The Mayo Clinic’s recommendation is to enter up to 400 milligrams per day equivalent to four cups of coffee.