DARA Hayes is recognised by many for her eye-catching blue hair, murderous smile and musical abilities.

This 26-year-old is on stage on stage as DJ Tigerlily, and because of chaotic schedule and night-time appearances it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I was living unharmed. I have many sausages, fast food; usually, about 3 am in the morning when I get dressed. I did not even practice regularly, “wrote on Instagram.

However, she changed her diet and began to train, and now she has the body she has always dreamed.

“I changed two things in my life, and my body and mind adapted to it. Small daily changes bring great results over time, “she added.

She found that she adopted the habits of a complete vegan diet and began to weigh weights three to five times a week.

Hayes had previously fought with a lack of confidence and eating disorder. Today, Instagram regularly shares its healthy habits with companions. He recently released an electronic book in which he discovered his fitness routine, morning and night habits, and gave tips for beauty and work.