Evangeline Lilly

WHEN to strengthen self-confidence, actress Evangeline Lilly has a great trick. During exercise, it focuses on how it feels and does not look.

The star of movies Hobit and Ant-Man revealed that her motivation was her feelings, but also the music she heard in the background or the scenery she imagined.

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#waspworkout 🏃🏻‍♀️ #dontlook I wish I could tell you i have the courage to stare down bulges and bumps, spider veins and vericose veins, sagging and spotting and see beauty, but most of the time I’m not that badass. SO…when things aren’t where I want them to be with my body, but I’ve decided to make a change, I don’t look. I get my workout gear on and make sure it’s loose on the bits I don’t want to face…and I just get to the work. I focus on the feelings of struggle or release, I focus on the music or the scenery, I let my mind wander away from myself…into my imagination or the world. I do that for as long as it takes to FEEL good. Once I FEEL good, what I see in the mirror looks better…whether it’s changed or not. And the truth is, I really don’t know how much it has or hasn’t changed because i think most of us are pretty delusional about our own bodies. But, it doesn’t matter. That’s not the point. I choose not to look if I FEEL bad because I know that all I will see is my own judgement. So I do what I need to do to feel good and ignore what I look like. This gives me the badassery to eventually have moments, days, even weeks where the “flaws” look sexy to me, hot even…I get into my skin and feel it, and love it, and know it. Frankly, I think it helps me see my body the way most of the rest of the world sees it, the way my man sees it, the way I ought to always see it. #feelittobelieveit

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“I simply lean my mind. Once I feel good and what I see in the mirror looks better, whether it’s changed or not. This leads to moments, days and weeks when the disadvantages look sexy, “she wrote.

In the twenties she concentrated on strength, speed, agility, and fitness exercises during her training, and for Shape magazine she discovered how she works today and on balance, so she prefers more stretching.

If you also want to be self-confident, try to practice in the manner recommended by Evangeline Lilly. Scientists say it takes only 30 minutes to feel better.