weight loss

Let’s face it, at this time of the year it is very difficult (and perhaps impossible) to avoid holiday pleasures and weight loss.

Unfortunately, you could end up with unwanted consequences by the end of December – a few pounds more.

If you want to get rid of them, you will have to deal with weight training and cardio exercises, but also to ensure a balanced diet and thus try to speed up the metabolism.

But did you know that certain foods can help accelerate metabolism, and therefore burn calories, in other words it cause weight loss?

In this regard, Elissa el Hadj, owner of the London Fitness Study Form, has several aces in her sleeve. Namely, it recommends the introduction of thermogenic foods in food. These are foods that contribute to the burning of up to ten percent more calories per day. In particular, such foods raise the temperature of the body and such foods digest the body with maximum energy.

Some of them are cayenne pepper, turmeric and ginger, but not celery, cauliflower, zucchini, bean, green salad and mushrooms are not negligible.