British singer Sam Smith has achieved incredible success, but not just when it comes to music.

In addition to numerous hits, the singer has been more and more often in the media thanks to the incredible transformation.

He chose to live healthy and he lost 22 pounds, and now works on the muscles to fix and define the body.

“From the earliest age, the food controlled me. When I felt bad at school or was not good at music, I would eat. When I was lonely, I ate it again, ” admitted last year.

During the recording of the first spot, he was not satisfied with his appearance.

“I became obsessed with. I was trying to control the movement of the camera. I was constantly looking into the mirror and weighed every day. I became a bit ill, “he explained, adding that he then turned to nutritionist for help and began to lose weight.

“I met a woman who completely changed my life. Amelia Freer helped me to lose 6.3 pounds in two weeks and completely changed my relationship with food. It’s not even more about losing weight than about being happy, “he wrote at the beginning of 2017 at Instagram.

“It’s not fat, it’s muscle mass,” he pointed out.

Smith pulls the rope, works with the gypsy and rises the weights. Trainings are a combination of HIIT and resistance exercises.

“I’m constantly fighting to watch certain movies, avoid some commercials and do not think about how my belly looks like. It’s something I wear every day, “he said, finding that he still has problems with the image of his own body.