The 30-year-old Clayton Gee looks unrecognizable after losing 80 pounds.

“I tried many children, lost a kilogram and got ten, lost twenty, and got thirty. At each new method, I said, “This is right.” I was frustrated, I no longer planned, except that I decided to throw out bad things and start practising when I can, “he told Unilad.

One day he came across a text on calories that raised his interest in the subject. He began to track what he was eating, bought the kitchen scoop, took off the app, and began to lose weight.

“I realized that it was hard to resist my desire to eat if I was stressed. I would clap if I slept less. It was a journey I had to learn a lot about, “he added.

When it comes to nutrition, it is focused on protein and eating lots of lenses, peas and broccoli. His goal is to weigh 75 kilograms and he has 1500 calories per day.

“I was killed in the food before. Whenever I was sad, angry or disappointed in myself, I was impulsive about high-calorie food. I was depressed. I thought I did not have control and I did not see the sense of trying. Today I know how to deal with everyone, “he said and explained how he read numerous self-help books and learned to love himself and not think that something with him was wrong.

Now you can look into the mirror, but success did not happen overnight.

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“Lose weight was easy but not easy. The hardest part is persisting. You change the habits you’ve built your whole life. The best advice I’ve got is to learn how to love the process, “says Gee.

He says the Internet community has helped him with weight loss tips that he has come to understand and support unknown people.