JOSEPHINE Skriver and Jasmine Tookes are not only Victorian angels but also fitness influencers. The two of them are behind the Instagram profile of Joy, where they share diet and exercise tips with over half a million followers.

They have now published a video in which they talk in carbohydrates, or they have discovered whether or not they are eating or without which they can not live.

“We both eat a lot of carbohydrates. I consider them important for energy, “she said in the video and asked Tookes what she would choose if she had to choose between pasta, bread and rice.

“I mean rice. I’m honestly dependent on rice, “she replied, and Skriver agreed with her.

“Agrees with Mexican, Korean and Chinese food. How not to eat? I would miss burrito and bread, but without rice, I could not live. I eat it once a day. ”

“I eat three times a day, but I’m not a pasta fan. I recently realised I did not eat much at all, “commented Tookes.

Girls have thus proven that even known models cannot resist carbohydrates and eat them, but thanks to a balanced diet and regular exercise, they manage to maintain weight.