Balanced and varied diet is the key to health. But this does not apply if you think of the daily eating of chocolate, chips, rubber candies and other empty calories under the diverse.

Even if your diet is based exclusively on healthy foods, but you do not remember when you last hunger for the last time but persistently persevere, you are on the wrong path.


Therefore, examine the most common reasons for overeating and precipitate yourself the next time you reach for food:

You skip the breakfast

That is a two-handed sword. Yes, you may enter a lower number of calories (or not at all), but it will probably only be valid until noon. When you get hungry, you will have the feeling that you can eat all that is in front of you, and the result will be overeating.

Eat while watching your favourite series

Or film, news or something else. Avoid eating in front of any screen because it distracts you. So you will not be focused on your meal, and in the end, you will not even be aware of how much you have eaten.

You are thirsty


Quite strange, but people often do not differentiate thirst from hunger. To avoid overeating, before you reach for your favourite snacks, drink a glass of water and wait for a little.
Then again, consider whether you are starving.

Track partner tempo

Just do not. You do not have to eat the same amount of food your 100-pound partner can eat, two feet high, and doing the physical work all day while sitting in front of the computer. And no, the chocolate you eat after lunch together with him you also do not need.

Your plates are too big

That does not mean that you must eat from the saucers that are usually cups, but the size of the plate can lead to overeating. When there is a lot of space in the dish, the portion is much smaller, and therefore you need to eat more.

You are nervous


If you are one of the easiest and fastest people to eat or eat, do not do it anymore. You’re not hungry, and you know that.