PLANKS had become a real phenomenon in 2011 when numerous challenges emerged on social networks.

Popularity has not flared up to this day, and new and more challenging movements that you can try are constantly emerging, and the only question is whether your body is strong enough to handle it.

Fitness expert Ebenzer Samuel showed a killer plank to test the core, and all you need is a wall and elastic resistance bar.

Find a place on the wall on which you will put your feet. Place the elastic strip for resistance around both feet. Put your hands on the floor as if you were going to make a push-up. Lift your feet to the wall and keep your body in the post for the plank. Make sure your feet do not slip. Pull the right foot towards the chest, while pressing the wall on the wall to stretch the strap. After five withdrawals, do the same with the other foot.

Samuel recommends doing this exercise for two to three weeks with a minute of rest after you have changed both legs.