AUSTRALIAN football in that country is equally popular among members of both sexes. Coaches Jilaroos and Greater Western Sydney Giants are responsible for the success of the best Australian athletes and know how to train the body and hormones.

His advice to Brad Donald and Alan McConnell was shared with the public for the Body + Soul portal.

Train according to the cycle

Donald says that every woman is different but the menstrual cycle has a significant impact on performance, recovery and motivation.

“When estrogen and progesterone levels are low, which is usually within the first 12 days of the cycle, women are more focused, feel tired and have a higher threshold of pain. This means that it is then an ideal moment for intensive training or a new program, “says Donald.

When it comes to ovulation that occurs in the 14th day cycle, Donald recommends endurance exercises, while from the 15th to 28th day the best jogging cycle.

Learn how hormones affect you

Donald explains that oral contraceptives also affect fitness.

“The pill may increase core temperature and stress levels, which may have tiredness and recovery, as well as reduce the amount of free testosterone in the body,” he says.

Just testosterone plays an important role in muscle building and you need to talk to a doctor if your goal is to increase your strength.

Do not rely on cardio

Although cardio is an important part of the routine, Donald believes that the focus should be focused on strength training.

“Focus on balance, coordination and agility because it protects your body from potential injuries,” warns and advises you to include dynamic stretching movements with the help of the strap to strengthen yourself.

Be aware of the disadvantages

McConnell explains that women are more often lacking iron in the body than men, and therefore are more prone to increased risk of fatigue and stressful injuries.

“If your body sends you the signs to slow down, listen to it and look for expert advice,” she says, adding that women are more and more malnourished than men, which also contributes to fatigue. After each training it is necessary to feed the body.

Be consistent

McConnell explains that exercising does not mean that training is better. Indeed, it claims that it is sometimes more useful to reduce the duration and intensity of the exercise.