MODERN or comfortable? The choice is fundamental. Many choose the gold environment, but research has shown that it is essential that you wear because sportswear affects performance, motivation, and even injuries.

1. It can prevent injuries

“Wearing appropriate clothing is crucial when you are a passionate practitioner. Many sports injuries occur due to inadequate equipment, including clothing. No matter what sport you are doing, you should always choose materials that protect against shocks or overheating, “says fitness professional Nick Harris.

His suggestion is to invest in quality clothing that increases circulation and blood flow to the heart, which also helps improve strength, endurance and recovery.

2. You may feel limited

” Because of lightweight, lightweight clothing, you will not be limited during training. If you are comfortable while exercising, you will focus on the task and be faster and more effective. It is important to choose clothes that you will be able to navigate, so pay attention to the design and fabric and materials that will not irritate your skin, “says Harris.

3. Regulates and controls the body temperature

” Cotton keeps moisture, and after intense training, you will create a feeling of extra weight on the skin. Choose lightweight, airy fabrics that will keep you dry. Some structures help regulate and maintain body temperature, “Harris adds.

4. It can fix your performance

” High-quality sportswear will speed up your performance. Key to comfort. Look for pieces that use new fit technology that includes silver ions and is designed, so it does not cause bacterial accumulation and make you feel fresh, “Harris explained.

5. You can increase your confidence

Clothes and other things in many people influence self-confidence and are similar to training.

“Clothing can trigger mental changes that have a positive impact. When you look and feel good, you are more confident in yourself and more dedicated to training, “Harris says.

6. Affects your skin

“The garments of poor quality are quickly consumed and can be made of materials that irritate the skin and cause rash and itching. Sweating, dehydrating and wearing tight clothing in which the skin can not breathe the recipe are for catastrophe. Intense exercise can also cause clogging of sweat glands resulting in problems, so try to choose bright and smooth fabrics, “Harris advises.

7. Motivates you

” Nothing will make you into the gym as a new sports kit. Not only will you feel and look good but you will want to share it with others, “concluded Harris coach.