BEFORE TWO YEARS A blogger Arielle Lorra had a feeling she no longer controls her own body. Due to an unhealthy approach to the diet, it began to feel many problems, such as hormonal imbalance and poor digestion.

She picked up the popular Bikini Body Guide program and finally showed an enviable result.

“Physical activity has helped me change my diet. I had to eat to have training strengths. Nothing happened overnight, “Lorre told PopSugar.

Namely, she slowly introduced cardio exercises into her routine and endeavored to withstand all 28 minutes of training. Then she began practicing exercises in which she relies on the weight of her own body. After a year, she noticed the difference, although the number on the scale remained unchanged.

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Three months later, he followed the introduction of macronutrients and began to realize the importance of controlling the size of the portions. Her goal was to bring 1800 calories per day through 40 percent of carbohydrates, 30 percent of protein and 30 percent of healthy fat.

It is not so strict now, and because of the problem with the stomach, it avoids beans, flax and sugar.

He says the day starts with coffee with hemp milk, eating eggs, green vegetables and pureed ham.

For lunch she likes tin and vegetable pie, while she is a favorite choice for sushi sushi with vegetables. The Pilates Exercise, and after two years, she lost only two kilograms.

“The biggest wins do not have anything to do with the number on the scales. It’s all in the head. I arranged how to deal with my own body, she was patient and she realized that weight loss was not racing, “she concluded.