SARAH Michelle Gellar, many remembered as Buffy, the killer of the vampire, raged her fans with a photograph of photographs she wears underwear.

“I will put these photos home as a reminder that I will not stay on Thursday,” she wrote on Instagram and so told everyone who praises the Thanksgiving Day to see how much food she will eat.

The photos he has released since 2007 when he posed in the black lace lingerie for the Maxim magazine. Today, she is the wife of Freddie Prinzea Jr.’s actor with whom she has two children, and photographs for more than a decade have decided to use it as a motivation to not overcome one of the most popular American holidays.

Although the revelation has earned 165,000 florists, many have criticized and argued that this could be a dangerous trigger for people suffering from eating disorder.

“There is nothing wrong with the food or the full figure,” “I think you are super and beautiful, but this description is sad and disappointed, I hope it’s a joke,” “Sarah, I love you, but this the message is very dangerous for vulnerable young girls, “” Edit a description of the photo and write something less harmful, “” For the first time, I was disappointed with your announcement. These are very dangerous and insatiable words, “her fans wrote.

There were also those who stood in the defense of the famous actress, explaining that she was just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to overdo it and want to keep weight,” the message of one companion.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, in 2011, admitted she had suffered from a disorienting bodily disorder, or a fear of ugly looks.

” Parenting little changes the look. I think every mom has that disorder. I must remind myself that I am a human being, my mother, “she told the Health magazine, and later in the same year she discovered she was trying to be more relaxed when it came to nutrition.

“How bad is it to eat a piece of pie? It’s bad to kill someone, “she joked.

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