Selena Gomez

Coach of Selena Gomez revealed simple hand exercises that really work

Have you ever heard of dancing with your hands? Rarely, but the trainer of the famous Amy Rosoff Davis argues that this is the...
perfect ass

Girl who owns perfect ass reveal procedure how to have it

Today, everyone remember her as owner of perfect ass. And thats all what people remember - perfect ass. 
weight loss

In less than a year he lost 80 kilos: Here’s how he did it

When Dara Sarshur's teacher reached the weight of 176 kilos, he realized that it was time for a serious change. The...
weight loss

Weight loss means breast size lost too?

Weight loss means buying smaller jeans, but not buying a smaller bra? There are many obstacles waiting for you on the...

Girls, here are two most common mistakes you are doing in the gym

WOULD you want to lose weight, build muscle or just work on mental health, exercise will help you. But if after a while you...

Celeb coach revealed the most effective exercise for the perfectly formed breasts

IF YOU dream to walk on the beach with perfectly shaped breasts next summer, now is the right time to start making it.

She was super fat and today she is one of the candidates in the...

JULIE Marchak had 130 pounds and a body mass index of 40. Threatened mother of three children was constantly exhausted...

Even if you exercise for years, you may be doing these mistakes

YOU ARE PLEASED, stick to your fitness plan, exercise every day, lift your weights and work exemplary trainers but do not see the desired...

Exercise as a Supermodel: The trainer discovered six exercises of Victoria’s Angels

WINNIE Harlow walked for the first time with a fashion catwalk carrying the Victoria's Secret magazine. For one of the...

The brutal cardio – influencer of boys posed a challenge in super burpees

Burpees are one of the most demanding exercises in general. One repetition of burpees involves pinch, squat and jump.

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People do not believe that he does not eat meat: this vegan can hold...

ITALIAN Bodybuilder Massimo Brunaccioni in 2011 renounced meat due to animal love. He became vegan and began to feed only food of plant origin.
weight loss

Weight loss problem: This food creates addiction like a drug!

EVERY evening do you promise to yourself that you will all be different from tomorrow? And no trace of weight loss? Nothing strange.
junk food

Junk food is more dangerous than smoking

Everybody knows that healthy eating is the key to health, but how much is it harmful to feed unhealthy and eat junk food? More...
workout routine

Healthy food and workout routine are some of the greatest luxury of today

QUALITY time spent with family, time for yourself and socializing with friends are a luxury for many. And where is workout routine?