Celeb coach revealed the most effective exercise for the perfectly formed breasts

IF YOU dream to walk on the beach with perfectly shaped breasts next summer, now is the right time to start making it.

Physical inactivity is more dangerous to health than smoking

YOU KNOW the benefits of exercise, but a recent survey found that skipping a gym is actually the worst thing you can do for...

Want to lose weight? Experts reveal how often you should exercise

You know that exercise is an essential part of the weight loss process, but you are not sure how often to exercise?

With this exercise and proper nutrition you will end up loving handles forever

Too much fatty tissue above the hips, from the side and the back of the hips, is called the love handles.

Even if you exercise for years, you may be making these mistakes

YOU ARE PLEASED, stick to your fitness plan, exercise every day, lift your weights and work exemplary trainers but do not see the desired...
weight loss

Weight loss means breast size lost too?

Weight loss means buying smaller jeans, but not buying a smaller bra? Many obstacles are waiting for you on the path...

Trainers want you to know these three things, but they will never tell them

TRAINERS are motivators, teachers, and sometimes friends. Although you are screaming and pushing you to make 20 abdomen, there are some things you think,...

The bodybuilding star that plays Schwarzenegger has tips for all beginners

CALUM Von Moger is one of the most famous Australian bodibilders. In Bigger's film, he embodied the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger,...

The trainer discovered the trick of editing the photos and what women want from...

Sydney Grand Master Officer Nick Cheadle has a body that many men are dreaming about, but it still serves as a photo shooter.

Fireman who raises burned weights has become the internet star

Fire brigade captain Ed Kranski has lit an internet footage lifting weighing 270 kilograms heavily in fire-fighting clothing that weighs over 40 kilograms.

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