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losing weight

White or black? Discover what wine is better for losing weight

With the concept of a child is not alcohol, but during the holiday season and social gathering it is difficult to resist temptation and...
rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss: 5 kg less in 3 days: This is the baby menu at last hourIf you are still unsatisfied...

Here is a secret how to reduce fat while eating carbohydrates

One of the myths that can often be heard is that carbohydrates are a weightless foe. The truth is entirely different, says fitness trainer...

Hungry? There is less than 200 calories in this food

Feeling full and can't eat do not overdo it with calories as it is challenging, but it does not have to be.

Avoid food poisoning: Always throw away old, mushy bread

When the mould appears on the bread, many remove that piece and eat the rest. However, experts warn that they should not work because...

The nutritionist discovered which foods will help you lose weight in belly

WELL is known that the belly fat is born in the kitchen.Nutritionist Bec Miller confirms this saying. She regularly...

Do you feed healthy, and the scale number does not change?

COUNTING calories and macronutrients are the everyday life of many who are on a diet.But after five days on...

Two meals may look the same and contain half the calories

SHOW that small changes make a big difference. That was proved by Rhian Allen, the founder of The Healthy Mummy, who shared photos of...

The beetroot season began: Here’s why it’s good to eat this supernatural

Beetroot is the ideal food for the winter months. It is rich in fiber and a good source of iron and folic acid. It...

When you see breakfast of a famous crossfit champion you will feel hungry

MAT Fraser grabs attention because of its incredible look. And breakfast.This crossfit champion regularly exercises and watches on the diet,...

Must Read

How to become fit if you do not like to exercise

If you would do anything instead of exercising, this is the text for you.Also, if you regularly postpone the start...

Sitting too long could kill you even if you exercise, the research says

HUMANS were not created to spend days sitting. Unfortunately, many jobs force us in such a way of life.If you, too,...

Instead of a gym, walk: How many kilometers should you go to lose weight?

FORMULA is simple.Although each body is different, there is a rule that always, at least initially, falls on the loss of...

The benefits of exercising and how the exercise affects our health

Every year during the holidays, many people get fat, and at the beginning of the new year, some people become a post-holiday depression.