workout routine

Chris Hemsworth has earned his glory thanks to the incredible look that he has gained in many action movies and his workout routine.

All results can thank Luke Zocchi, his best friend from childhood and a longtime personal trainer.

Zocchi has revealed that you only have four steps to the Hollywood body.

Train the weight of your body

Zocchi thinks his body is the best motivation.

“The best exercise to lose fat deposits throughout your body is a bear crawl, and with the weight of your body you can run all other challenging exercises like burpeas. The best way to encourage body fat is to exercise in the morning, “he advises.

It takes 20 minutes for workout routine

The Hollywood Body’s key is 20 minutes of exercise per day.

“If you’re dedicated to practicing just 20 minutes three days a week, you’ll slowly notice the results,” he says.

Choose the whole food

Zocchi says you should never count calories, but be careful to eat whole foods.

“On days when you practice focus on many carbohydrates, and when you’re not working, let your choice be more protein. Depending on your goal, you have three meals a day or even six to seven smaller ones,” he said.

For breakfast, it is recommended vegetable omelette, for lunch salad with vegetables, and dinner fish with rice and salad. My recommendation is not a diet — no tracking rules. It is essential to make smart decisions, and it is necessary to limit the intake of alcohol, fried food and processed food, “he added.

Use weight

Although he advocates training with the weight of his own body, Zocchi believes that sometimes he can help with weight, if you desire to build a shape similar to that of Chris Hemsworth.

“Put on weight at least twice a week, and make sure your diet is rich in proteins,” she advises.

Zocchi explained that the most important thing is to get rid of bad habits, which is also the hardest part of any transformation.

“It’s physical and mental testing, and you have to be persistent and consistent. Keep in mind what your goal is,” he concluded.