MELISSA Alcantara is a coach and bodybuilder who celebrated the collaboration with Kim Kardashian. She stands behind the reality of the reality stars she has been trained for months.

Alcantara grew up in the Bronx and New York and admits she had bad nutrition habits. Everything changed only and when she was pregnant and began to think about what she was eating and drinking.

“I was getting 30 kilos in pregnancy. I had a wonderful baby and family support, but all the bad habits led to depression, obesity and I did not know where to go. I’ve studied all the features and selected bodybuilding as a way to train the body, “she told InStyle.

Alcantara does not believe in quick solutions. It is not a proponent of counting calories, but is fed nutritively rich foods.

“That’s why Kim Kardashian contacted me. She realized she needed a real change. She needed a healthy lifestyle, “said Alcantara, revealing that there was a co-operation with the famous star.

“One day, around 4 am, she searched for Instagram and found one of my photography transformations. Something told her to address me. Three days later we talked in her apartment in New York. I lived in Brooklyn and felt connected to the personal level. I told her to go to Los Angeles for a month that she liked it because she wanted us to train together. The rest is history. Kim and I are motivating each other and pushing forward day by day, “she recalled.

The trainer says that the motivation is the most important.

“Motivation is like a muscle. It grows and strengthens with every day in which you put hard work and effort. “

She claims that many women think that raising the gypsy will make them more masculine.

“It’s crazy. The body does not work. What’s worse, people believe that eating carbohydrates is bad and that you only need to focus on protein and vegetables to get rid of fat. Carbohydrates are needed, for some people, even in larger quantities, which depends on genetics. I’m talking about carbohydrates from sweet potatoes and quinoa, “Alcantara revealed.

Her desire is to explain that some things may work in the short term, but ultimately lead to starvation, which will ultimately result in overeating and debasing.

“Women drink tea for detoxification, avoid carbohydrates, consume excessive amounts of protein, and practice cardiovascular exercises for hours. Such an approach affects hormones, it is not sustainable and it’s pretty unhealthy, “she said.