Selena Gomez

Have you ever heard of dancing with your hands? Rarely, but the trainer of the famous Amy Rosoff Davis argues that this is the simplest possible exercise at which biceps and triceps will be grateful to you.

“It’s the best possible exercise to hold hands and strengthen the muscles, but it does not require any additional equipment,” says Davis, who is training, among others, the famous singer Selena Gomez.

The goal is to dance and also use your hands. Each movement activates the muscles in your hands, and in fact you do the same movement, but through more repetitions.

One example is to lay hands on the left or right and form a body of a T-shaped body, and then make a circular motion.

“I include such exercises in almost every training session with my clients, usually in the middle or at the end. I see that there is a transformation and customers become obsessed, “she added.

“Dancing hands is a great way to fasten your hands without having to paint them,” said Davis, and demonstrated a training session in which she danced her hands in a video she posted on Instagram.