better results

You can spend hours in the gym without noticing the results. Successful loss of pounds and body transformations occur when training is intense, and quality and the diet is healthy and balanced.

That means that the correctly used 25 minutes in the gym can give a better result than the hours of sweating.

Coach Tiffiny Hall has discovered how to get the best results in as short a time as possible.

Choose HIIT training

Intermittent training of high intensity was created for people who do not have time. It is based on intense activity with shorter recovery periods. For example, perform a particular exercise for 40 seconds and rest two.

These trainings accelerate heart rate and burn calories up to 48 hours after the end of exercise.

Eat before training

Hall advises you to provide the body with the energy needed for exercise. Its recommendation is a snack that consists of carbohydrates and proteins.

Add weights

The coach says you will not become a bodybuilder if you accept the weight. You do not need to be heavy, but start with light weights. So you will slowly build muscle mass, and solve excess fat.

Reduce your resting time

If your current moment lasts a minute, Hall advises you to try to reduce it to 45 seconds. He claims that it is enough time for the muscles to recover, and you will certainly save time.

Turn on super sets

Replace super sets with the time you rest. These are series of two or more restless exercises. For example, make a set of pins and burpes, one by one. Target the same group of muscles.

Listen to music

The favorite song can give you an extra dose of energy and encourage you to do more.

Develop a diet plan

The coach says you can spend hours at the gym but results may not be seen unless you change your diet plan. It advises you to think about what you eat, or to throw processed food, juices, alcohol and everything fried in deep oil.