AFTER crazy night, going to the gym for many is the ideal way to sweep and recover. But Shona Vertue, who trains the famous retired footballer David Beckham, has discovered the reason why this can do more harm than good.

In her opinion, no one should go to the gym hanging.

“There is a myth that hangover is treated with sweating. This is in fact not exactly because the body is drastically dehydrated after drinking alcohol and should first be well hydrated to use grease as a source of energy, “Vertue explained.

It says that poisons can be cured by the organism and created even more pressure if you expose it to training.

“The liver is working hard to get alcohol, and you’re making it harder to train,” she said.

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If there’s one huge lesson I’ve learned as a health professional its that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE; Or in more lengthy, empathic and honest terms – prevention is not very sexy, nor is it always fun or exciting, but by god is it a shit-tonne easier than trying to heal yourself when you’re sick, injured and sad AF. I’ve trained people of all ages from 17-70 and when I work with those above the age of 30 even, they all SAY; why didn’t I start this earlier?! Why didn’t I just make more time for it?! TO WHICH I SAY; Yeah it sucks, but it’s never too late to start. And it isn’t. But if you’re still umm-ing and ahhh-ing about whether you should or should’t start lifting some weights or whether or not your have time to, please refer to the list below and remember what I said above about prevention being a whole lot easier (and LESS time consuming) than a cure. 1. Prevent Osteoporosis – this is big. I’m working with people under the age of 40 with Osteoporosis. That 90’s heroin chic trend really killed the bone mineral density of a lot of women that are now paying the price for it. 2. Reduce the risk of sarcopenia 3. Increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin resistance 4. Joint stability (this is really f**king important guys and girls, I don’t know why it’s so underrated in society) 5. Improve glucose metabolism (the way you handle and metabolise that sweet sticky-icky-icky – I’m referring to sugar – not weed) 6. Improve Blood pressure and arterial health 7. Decrease body fat (oh so now you care) 8. Reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer (that’s 3 in one) 9. Improve flexibility – YEP! STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT STIFFNESS IF YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO RESISTANCE TRAIN. 10. Improve quality of life – not all people that lift weight are happy, but being weak doesn’t feel good. Ask anyone who’s been injured or sick. 11. Reduce the risk of pelvic injuries – this kind of ties in with the first one, but a hip replacement is MUCH HARDER to deal with than the discomfort of training or muscle soreness. I got loads more but have reached my caption limit. Yes I have a camel toe. 🐫 🙄 Yes you should zoom in. #vertuecrew #bigpubicbone

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It claims that the body fights the second day with inflammation and low levels of sugar, and nobody recommends gymnasium after you have been poisoned with food.

“That’s the same thing. So, when you’re mammoth, avoid the gym, “warns Vertue.