What you see on social networks is often not a reality. That was proven by Kate Wasley, who published a video that illustrated how often a photographic camera is used to create the perfect Instagram photos.

In a short clip it showed that in a few seconds cellulite could disappear, the hips became thinner, and the waist narrowed.

“Maybe a photo shoot, maybe a pose, and maybe the person you compare with has a completely different shape of your body. When comparing yourself to someone on the Internet, think about your faults, and watch the best pieces of what someone has decided to share with the world, “Wasley wrote.

Her message is pretty clear and simple: Instagram is not a real life and comparing yourself with someone we see on photos is not just a fight.

This honest announcement delighted hundreds of fans.

“So honestly! Thank you for writing these words and publishing a photo. We really need to be more realistic to the people we see on Instagram, “commented one escort.

Wasley published her own bikini photo in August in which she wanted to empower others to accept her own figure, regardless of size and shape.

“Physical health is important, but we must not forget about mental health. Be good to yourself. Recall that we are all people with their own uncertainties and that’s fine. Be your “, she warned.