Plank or endurance is considered an exercise that effectively strengthens the core or body. There are many variations of planks and periods that are recommended.

However, the length of the plan may not be crucial to the effectiveness of that exercise.

According to Dr. Stuart McGill, a specialist in spine biomechanics who spent 30 years at Waterloo University, too long a stretch could be just a strap.

McGill, who specialises in the prevention of back injury, or spine for Telegraph, said the following: “There is no benefit from a longer plan except for setting a record.”

Instead, it recommends only ten seconds in three series, Business Insider reports.

Moreover, McGill is not the only one who claims that the emphasis on the duration of the plan is missed.

Personal trainer Max Lowery believes that the length of the bust is not important in the plan, but the proper activation of specific muscles is important. That’s why it recommends the “Big 3” program to all those who want to improve the health of their backs.

“It’s the front, side and back part of the hull that we developed a few years ago. And he’s not based on one study, but on many of them, “Lowery said.

So what is the “Big 3” then?

It’s about curl-up exercises, bird-dog and side planes that Lowery says to focus and precisely strengthen the muscles around the spine.

Avoid the abdomen exercises right in the morning

McGill goes on further arguing that the spine is more susceptible to injury in the morning than in the rest of the day and therefore does not recommend certain exercises right after the birth.

“Your disks are hydrophilic, meaning they like water. They simply absorb the liquid and, technically, they are shorter in the evening than in the morning. In the morning, it’s harder to pull your socks than in the evening because your disks flip. They do not like joking, and if we do, we are creating stress. That’s why we do not recommend morning exercises like any exercising of whining, knee pull, chest, abdomen and similar exercises. Solving this problem is easy. Go for a walk and let gravity squeeze fluid from that part of the body. The hour after waking is already ready for exercise.