COUNTING calories and macronutrients are the everyday life of many who are on a diet.

But after five days on weekends you often give up and think they do not make a big mistake. Anyway, there’s a day for cheating, do not you?

In a photo of a dietician Leslie Langevin it is shown that it is very damaging and just relaxing on the weekend can be a reason why the number on the scales does not change.

“Some people give up too much. They feel they have to stop eating everything they consider bad as bread and carbohydrates and even fruits, sweets, alcohol, meat and dairy products. Drastically reduce calorie intake, but it’s not sustainable, “Langevin explained.

She showed that an average daily intake of calories over a week could be around 1850, but at weekends they are being purchased and about 7,000.

The solution to this problem is actually very simple.

“The key is to have a balanced approach and integrate all foods in the diet so that you do not completely relax on weekends and hire anything you otherwise avoid. You need to have a healthy relationship with food so you can see the results, “said a dietician.