The BIG star of adult movies Jenna Jameson is always telling how her ketogenic diet has changed her life.

She has lost her, has more energy and confidence. She has now shown that eating change has also affected her appearance, more specifically her facial skin.

She published a photo that compared her appearance before the baby today.

“I’ve never talked about how much dietary change has affected the inflammation in my body. “Not only have I changed my face because I’m slim and skin looks healthier I’m a little frustrated, “she wrote. We already make some articles about her after she got baby.

She claims that she no longer feels the pain in his joints she had previously fought.

She went on this diet in April and had since lost 36 pounds. She has been regularly sharing with fans on Instagram and has now made a profile devoted solely to this topic, where she publishes ideas for recipes and tricks for success and faster reach to the goal.

With this diet, it also combines an occasional post, which means eating only eight hours a day, while the rest of the time is reached, or allowed to drink water and black coffee.