breathe properly

For great results exercising techniques requires breathing techniques for top performance. In other words, if you do not breathe correctly during exercise, you won’t be able to reach the desired result.

No matter what the motives of your training are, if you are frustrated that despite your efforts still lacks the results you have hoped for, it is time to pay attention to breathing. As much as it may sound strange to you.


Breathing during exercise is especially important. Although many people are struggling to breathe solely through their nose or even to keep their breath while exercising, thinking that they will be able to bear more effort, the truth is different. Namely, such an outdated breathing method prevents the flow of oxygen and nutrients into your body. Besides, if you keep your breath, there is a greater chance of injury.

The excessive oxygen concentration in the blood means better oxidation and regeneration, thus increasing endurance during exercise.


If your training involves running, pay attention to your stomach breathing and try to breathe after every two steps. However, if you decide to lift the weights, when you are on the boom, lower your breath while reducing it.

Also, whatever exercise you are doing, please note that your breathing is consistent all the time.

Interestingly, scientists have concluded that with long and slow breathing 15 times faster toxins get out of the body than in rapid and shallow breathing.