If your day begins early and ends late, it’s pretty difficult to find time for exercise. In addition to work and home care, you have to be healthy to eat, sleep at least eight hours, but relax and relax.

If you want to practice more, but do not think you have enough time, listen to the tips that the women employed have revealed to the Shape magazine. They successfully balance work, social and family life and still come to visit the gym.

“Exercise is part of social life.”

27-year-old Meghan Muñoz says that instead of having dinner with friends for dinner, they are attending group training together.

“I choose a gym close to home, and I’m on my way to work.”

The 44-year-old Amal Chaaban training is required to enter the daily planner and so plans and does not delay unless this is necessary. Additionally, the end of the gym near her home is on her way to work.

“The key is not to sit.”

Monique Masson (38) says that it is most important to plan time and not sit as long as you do not do it.

“I’m preparing food for the upcoming week on Sundays. When the kids are in bed, I go to the gym. Of course, it makes it easier for me to have a helping wife. “

“I dress in training clothes as soon as I get off work.”

Rachel Rebekah Unger (27) takes notes as soon as she comes down. That is why motivation is also exercised even when it is quite anxious.

“I found a gym where a child can be brought.”

Concerning the responsibilities she has as a mother, 35-year-old Anastasia Austin has chosen a gym she can come with her child.

“I’m having sex with my daughter and we both enjoy it so much, so I do not feel the guilty conscience that was a problem for me while I left her on guard to dedicate her training.”

“I participate in fitness challenges.”

The 46-year-old Kimberly Weston Fitch has found the motivation in fitness challenges and the events she regularly attends.

“Most often they are held on weekends, and my husband joined me, so it’s even more fun.”

“I’m going to the gym at lunchtime.”

Cathy Piseno (48) Lunch break is used for cardio training and so successfully coordinates work and time for themselves.

“I’m thinking about how I want to look and feel.”

Jaimie Pott (40) admits it is not always easy.

“Finding time for yourself with all the commitments is pretty challenging. For motivation, I think of my goals, how I want to look and feel, “she says.

Today it is no longer on diets, nourishes healthy and takes care of the size of the portions.

“I stopped believing in quick solutions. Most importantly, if I want to be lazy, I will do it and try not to feel guilty. “