WINNIE Harlow walked for the first time with a fashion catwalk carrying the Victoria’s Secret magazine.

For one of the most important events of the year in the fashion world, months were being prepared at the gym.

Her private coach, Luke Worthington, devised a special six exercises that she was known for by depigmentation of the skin as part of every training session. She went to the gym three times a week. She focused on strength training and cardio exercises of lower intensity.

Harlow has mild scoliosis of the spine, so before each training, workouts for body stretching, core stability and activation of the primary muscles in the body were performed. Thanks to that, Harlow goes hand in hand.

The six exercises she necessarily practiced are squats, hips suppression, exorbitant, swinging swinging with a ball, and so-called “rollerblading” and “frog pumps”.

Her coach explained that she had taken a bicycle with a moderate intensity, which did not increase fat in her body, and at the same time helped her to keep her muscle tight.