TRAINING STRENGTH, CARDIO, AND NUTRITION are the key to weight loss.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how important each of these categories is, especially when it comes to cardio training.

Coach Austin Lopez explains that it is first necessary to understand how your body works.

To lose half a kilogram of weight, you have to spend 3500 calories,” Lopez told PopSugar.

If your goal is to burn so many calories in a week, Lopez believes there are three options to reach your goal. The first is seven days a week to do half-hearted cardio training and enter the average calorie count. Another possibility is to select half-hearted cardio training for five days a week and slightly reduce calorie intake, while the third option is three days a week to devote cardiovascular care, but choose a diet with few calories.

Although perhaps the third option sounds the most reassuring, Lopez warns that it is unlikely that you will be in the long run to comply with such a diet.

A similar approach is also provided by coach Mahri Relin, who encourages his clients to have four to five cardio trainings per week, each lasting 30 to 45 minutes each. Celebrity trainer Katherine Greiner advises at least 30 to 45 minutes of cardio exercises a day or a 20-minute HIIT training.

“It’s certainly important not to overdo it. When you exercise too much, you tired your body, and exhaustion also leads to fatigue, “says Greiner.

All the coaches are very complicated that for weight loss with cardio training it is important to practice strength training as you will thus achieve satisfactory results.