Fire brigade captain Ed Kranski has lit an internet footage lifting weighing 270 kilograms heavily in fire-fighting clothing that weighs over 40 kilograms.

To further complicate this demanding exercise, the Kranski lit the weights and demonstrated its strength and elasticity.

“This video was recorded on my retirement, and it is a farewell to the fire. I’ve mixed my career and love for weightlifting, “wrote the Kranski.

Weighing the weights has been dealing for decades. In the 1990s he had set several records, and today can raise 324 pounds.

“This is the most important exercise of strength that prepares for real life. When you lift anything hard, you do not do squats, but you’re deadlifting. If something hard comes down to another firefighter, you’re doing a deadlift. If you pull a firefighter out of a burnt-out building, you’re doing a deadlift again, “he clarified.

Deadlift is one of the primary and fundamental exercises in all diet programs that the body engages all muscle groups. Just be careful to do it properly.