perfect ass

Today, everyone remembers her as the owner of a perfect ass. Also, that’s all that people remember – perfect ass.

But, popular celebrity on Instagram as a fitness trainer, Brittany Perille Yobe, began with photos of her then flawless muscular body, but then, in 2013, her biggest adut was her stomach. It attracted the crowd, not just as fans of social networks, but thanks to him he got a lot of clients practicing between his training.

But since quite a lot of time has passed since then, and in her life, that means a lot of exercise, the shape of her body has changed so much that she eventually became famous for her perfect ass. Though her belly is still a truly magnificent view of her round butt she really tells us to conclude by ourselves – it’s possible. And she persistently insists on the systematic publishing of the exercises with which she has achieved this wonderful form and figure. Adding this to the fact that it was born recently, the results are more impressive.

How long has she been doing it to be perfect ass?

Ever since she started to work with fitness, and her mother was a fitness trainer, she has been systematically working all over the body. But he did not always rely on his buttocks until he noticed the difference himself. And then he just stumbled to get the ass that he has now and for which he has been gratefully received, and also the classic unbelievers who are here and there to accuse him of lying.

She specifically devoted his writings to those who see how such a gut can be gained naturally, despite the genetics that shape the shape and size of our buttocks.

She takes her exercise for perfect ass three times a week and then she consecrates it for about an hour to a maximum of 15 minutes, and at that time she has to do ten exercises with which her butt is kicked from all angles. That’s why her guts are so beautifully rounded, and her fantastic activity is to lift the Hip Hip Thrust that she performs with such apparent ease.

What she wants to say to her fans

“As you can see a solid, round guts can become everyone’s sleepy dream – but not without effort. However, more natural than it can not be,” she says to all those who do not believe, but to those who want to look like her. However, as to what exercise is the best and if the squats are absolute must have when we talk about strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, she has her stance: Squats are good because they encourage the strengthening of the buttocks muscles, but really – it’s not all in squats. So that the buttocks can grow, you have to work and strengthen all the surrounding tissues, from the leg to the lower back. So guitar training must have different variations of exercises that will trigger just every muscle of that part of the body.

Food? What food feeds this perfect ass?

The more you work, the more you need and the protein you need to combine the necessary symbiosis of exercise and the right “fuel”, but – you must be careful not to overdo it.

She usually eats somewhat similar meals – before training a little bit “harder” or about an hour and a half before training, and after exercise, her muscles should be ideal with another healthy dose of protein, but less. For example – with Greek yoghurt with which it usually ends each day.y.