WOULD you want to lose weight, build muscle or work on mental health, exercise will help you? However, if after a while you do not see the results, you may be wrong in something.

Personal coach Jim White revealed for PopSugar what are the most common mistakes of women in the gym.

Do not work with sufficiently heavy weights

One thing is always being talked about, which is that weight lifting and strength training will help weight loss, build muscles, lead to progress, and promote overall health. The problem is that many women are afraid of overweight because they feel they will become muscular and masculine.

“Muscles are attractive. Too much fat can cause health problems. Men and women begin to lose an average of eight percent of muscle mass every decade after age 40 if they do not raise their weight, “White says, pointing out that weight gain alone can better define muscles, which cardio training can not.

“Most women do not have enough testosterone and therefore can not become too muscular,” says coach Lauren Clare.

Jim Coach’s advice is to train three times a week for progress, and twice a week for maintenance, and focus on exercises for the whole body.

You’re too focused on one thing

It is important to find the exercises that are of interest to you, because it is so less likely that you will give up your goal. Still, it is possible to exaggerate.

“Many women just run or lift their weights. It’s important to do different exercises to avoid getting bored, to increase flexibility, work on different muscle groups and turn on the heart, “warns White.

“Good training includes exercise and balance exercises, cardiovascular activity and stretching,” he explained.