first time in gym

As well as everywhere else, and in the gym, there are unspoken rules of behaviour that you should stick to if you want to fit and if you do not want to be the main topic of sports goggles.

Do not drop unarticulated sounds

Not everyone had to know that you’ve come to the gym and started practising. Rarely, anyone who believes you will grow fat or strain if you are warming up. What you’ve seen in movies that actors get rid of strange sounds – forget it. Otherwise, you will not be so fond of people around you.

Do not always talk with others

It may be easier for you to practice, but people around you did not come for the conversation. They would instead practice — no surplus stories.

Remember why you came

Indeed, there is the goal you want to achieve, and forcing yourself to the ultimate endurance limits is indeed not one of them. You will not do anything if you are so busy in the gym for the next six days that you can not get out of bed, let alone walk in the gym. After all, regular users of gymnasiums are not very sympathetic to those who take half their free time, and then because of muscle inflammation, they do not appear on them.

Return the equipment where you found it

Just like everywhere else, and here is the rule of returning things from where you picked them up. No one wants to break the spine by carrying things that you have left unchallenged where you are while you are practising.

Do not carry your cell phone with you

You did not come to work selfie or your friends live in the stage where you are exercising. Typing on your cell phone will not help you build the muscles that you (allegedly) came to the gym.

Wipe the sweat behind

Probably neither did you wait for a sweaty base when you came to the gym. After all, no one wants to get in touch with other sweat and bacteria, so clearing behind is a sign of primary culture.