sex is healthy

It can help you fight the cold. No, we’re not kidding with you. Besides, it reduces headaches, and you will consume a lot of calories.

However, if you continue to doubt this, in the following we bring you a list of as many as 13 reasons why people even unconsciously sometimes cannot take their hands off one another.

Even several surveys in recent years have dealt with this issue, and Business Insider has gathered all the benefits of running love in one place:

It relieves pain

More precisely, it secretes chemicals, endorphins that help alleviate pain. Laconically speaking, endorphins act like natural pain tablets that the body only produces.

Individuals claim that their sex helps in removing headaches, but they probably also thank the effects of hormones of happiness.

It burns calories

A study conducted at the University of Montreal showed that during a 30-minute relationship, men could lose up to 101 calories and women around 69. In any case, these are figures that should not be ignored.

Strengthens immunity

A study published in the journal Psychology Report showed that students who had had love at least once a week at the study had a 30% higher level of specific antibodies that are important for the fight against various diseases and viruses, unlike students who did not even practice guiding love in that period. Since the cold season is in full swing, you know what to do.

Helps to preserve the health of the heart

If we are completely precise and honest, the National Health Organization has announced that any kind of exercise is good for heart health. But since the pursuit of love and some exercise, it can be said that it also helps to keep your heart healthy.

Removes stress

Or at least it reduces it. In addition to increasing the level of happy hormones in the body, keeping love minimizes the level of cortisol and people become so much more relaxed.xed.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

An earlier study from 2004 reveals that ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Men who participated in the study, who said that the conduct of love was practiced 21 or more times a month, were at a lower risk of prostate cancer than those who conduct love guidance about seven times a month.

Makes you feel healthier

A study of 3,000 Americans has shown that people who practice lovemaking after the age of 57 are generally healthier than those who do not practice it.

Reduces the risk of ulcers and angina

Another study looked at an interesting question – the link between the conduct of love and the appearance of ulcers and angina. It does not sound very sexy. However, a study on a sample of 10,000 men showed that those who claimed to feel “angry” at risk of angina were smaller, while a similar study showed the same link with a lower risk of ulceration.

Reduces blood pressure

Okay, it’s not even necessary to have sexual intercourse to reduce blood pressure. Namely, in 2003, it was proven that even hugging or holding hands reduced blood pressure.

You better sleep

If you are dealing with insomnia, the solution to your problem could be hidden in sex. It’s quite logical that after sex you will probably be tired, but that’s not why you will fall asleep. Namely, the release of oxytocin after a relationship makes it easier to sleep and sleep better during the night.

Improves memory

One study showed that keeping love improves short-term memory, and scientists think that this is because love guiding encourages the construction of cells in areas of the brain that are associated with memory.