workout routine

QUALITY time spent with family, time for yourself and socialising with friends are a luxury for many. Also, where is a workout routine?

Times have changed, and with the harsh lifestyle it’s hard to set aside time for things that make us happy.

A survey in the UK revealed that one in five people spend less than half an hour a day doing something they enjoy.

“For the past ten years, I’ve been focusing on ‘good things’, it’s starting to behave in a healthy way and practice. I learned to stop saying ‘yes’ to everything that is being asked and to set aside time for myself and what I enjoy, “said Melanie Sykes, a healthy life advisor.

Of the 2,000 respondents, as much as 95 percent think that doing what you enjoy means to lead a healthy and happy life. 37 percent think that they limit the lack of money in this, and a third of respondents say that they miss the best of their lives.

The research has shown that people, mostly at the age of 33, are becoming aware of the importance of health. One in four is enjoying a healthy diet, and one third thinks it is an expense that can not be tolerated, while one in six considers it to be limiting them.

“A healthy diet can so much improve the quality of life, both inside and outside. A balanced diet is crucial for both physical and mental health, “says nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert.

One in five people believe that bread is a bad food.

“Carbohydrates are now considered undesirable in the diet, but they are essential. Everyone is different, they lead a different lifestyle and have different needs. There is no recipe for everyone, “adds Lambert.

As part of the publication of the results of this research, it was discovered that people today consider the most significant living luxury.

  1. A quality time spent with the family
  2. Time for yourself
  3. Time spent with friends
  4. Time spent outdoors
  5. San
  6. Time for the hobby
  7. Enjoy tasty food
  8. Detection of something new
  9. Healthy diet
  10. Exercise