There is almost no person who does not exaggerate with food and drink on the Eve of the holidays. It is difficult to resist the rich and tasty offer that is at every step, but one of the main reasons why you should restrain is Christmas. Namely, only in this one day the average person will enter 6000 calories.

“It’s dangerous for the health of the heart, not to mention the waist,” warns Dr. Riccardo Di Cuffa.

6000 calories are equivalent to 12 Big Macs, and to get rid of them, you will have to run two marathons.

It is advisable not to preach, but to taste a little bit of everything and after a meal, you must go for a short walk to help you digest food faster.

The kilograms are one of the reasons why women are stressed during the holidays. In a recent study, the majority of respondents placed on the scale of 1 to 10 the level of holiday stress on figure 7.

“Do not have too many expectations. Most of us are unrealistic, and it causes stress that makes it hard to relax and enjoy, “says Yoshida Yoshimura Yoshimura.

They say that the wedge is kicking out with a wedge, but if you overdo it with alcohol, you should not attempt to hang a hangover with alcohol or strong coffee.

“Alcohol will be postponed by morning and the hangover could be even worse, and coffee will make your body even more dehydrated. Drink plenty of water or isotonic drinks to make up for lost minerals and salts, “advises medical advisor Fiona Sim.

If you do not want to put too many calories in your drink, you should definitely avoid sweet liquors. By consuming 50 ml of Irish cream of liqueur, you consume as much as 164 calories.

When you come out and want to warm up, do not touch the alcohol. The most effective way is a warm bath that will raise the temperature of your body.

Finally, consider the New Year’s decisions that have an impact on mental health. Last year, the most popular was “I’d better feed myself,” while the second and worse place was placed “I’ll practice more” and “I’ll spend less money,” a poll conducted in the UK revealed.

Most New Year’s Decisions are violated by the end of January. That’s why the third Friday in the 1st month is called Fail Friday. Namely, this is exactly the day when most of the people raise their hands on the decisions that they have committed to adhering to in the new year.