Even may look for salt intake, it is often hidden in the many foods we eat daily, primarily if the diet is based on processed food.

“The latest guidelines say that you should consume less than 2.3 grams of salt a day. The average American consumes about 3.4 grams, “explained Jillian Kubala, a dietician for PopSugar, and added that it is very likely that people who eat out intake too much salt.

“Focus on whole foods and cook more often at home to reduce salt intake,” he advises.

Except that too much sodium can feel tense and overturned, long-term consequences can be much more severe.

“The more you intake your salt, the body will retain more water, which increases blood pressure and pressure on the heart and kidneys,” said fitness expert Jim White.

High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, so people with elevated pressure advised to inject only 1.5 grams of sodium per day.

Reducing sodium intake can also help in weight loss.

“If you pass too much salt, the body keeps the fluid so you can feel overwhelmed. Also, frequent consumption of high salt foods, such as chips, fast and frozen foods, can lead to increased body weight because such foods usually contain a lot of calories and unhealthy fats, “adds Jillian.