SCIENTISTS have released the unexpected effects of the unhealthy beginning of the day.

University of Sydney research revealed that breakfast rich in fats and sugar after just four days might cause brain changes. These changes result in reduced learning and memory capabilities.

Healthy and slim people were subjected to testing. Half a four-day meal was an unhealthy breakfast consisting of toasted sandwiches and chocolate shakes. The other half got a nutritionally richer meal on the table. Participants filled their memory tests before and after breakfast.

Those people who ate an unhealthy meal had worse results in the end. Scientists say this is the reason why an unhealthy option causes elevated sugar, which affects memory and cognitive function.

The results of the research were published in the PLOS One magazine, and they also found that people who were eating unhealthy could not detect the difference between starvation and satiety.

Oxford University Research has also shown similar results. According to them, those who had eaten unhealthy meals for five days had disturbance of attention and memory functions in comparison to those who had eaten a less fatty meal.

16 males aged 19 to 28 were divided into two groups. The first is high-fat food (70 percent), low carbohydrates (four percent) and protein (26 percent), while the other half had healthy meals consisting of 50 percent carbohydrates, 24 percent fat, and 26 percent protein.

Men gave blood samples every morning and solved cognitive tests.

In the bloodstream of those who were fed unhealthy, 44 percent more circulating fatty tissue was detected than those who were on a healthier diet regime. Thos people also had reduced concentration, the speed of memory, and the ability to remember.