Numerous nutritionists advise eating healthy snacks before training. However, personal trainer Lisa Niren runs an empty stomach in the morning, and now she discovered why.

She practices so-called cardiac training which he considers very effective.

“When the level of insulin is low because you have not eaten, your body has no other option than to take energy from fat. I do it on a daily basis, and I see firsthand that my body uses fat reserves as a source of energy, not glucose, as is the case when you eat before training, “explained Niren.

From intense morning training, he says, he has the most benefits.

“HIIT is the most effective form of cardiovascular exercise and brings the best results in a relatively short time,” she explained.

Nevertheless, she is aware of the fact that it is not an option that will suit everyone. You always need to listen to your own body, and that’s also the advice of trainer Kellilyn Fierras.

“Some people can feel good if they practice an empty stomach, while others will be dying. Before training, it is advised to eat something to improve performance and endurance, keep blood sugar stable and be cleverly capable. In any case, if you discover that you can work out an empty stomach, it’s critical to feeding the body properly after training, “said Fierras.