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Hit Diet 16: 8: Body 16 hours ‘starving’ and burns fat


In eight hours, several smaller, light meals are served, and the rest of the time is served with water and unsweetened tea. It loses up to three percent of the weight in 12 weeks.

If even your new year’s list finds a desire to dissolve pounds, it can be helped by a diet that nutritionists rated as one of the healthiest in 2018.

The 16: 8 regime of a diet is created around a single rule, which is to fasten 16 hours a day, while the other eight hours can be arranged and created smaller meals.

Do the work yourself, depending on when you start eating. If you have breakfast around 9 am, then the last meal will be scheduled at 5 pm, while the later morning meal, around 11 o’clock, means that dinner is at 7 pm o’clock, which means that you will overcome the late-night chewing and unnecessary calorie intake. When you fast, it is desirable to drink unsweetened tea and coffee and water and dietary juices. In the eight hours, when food is allowed, light and healthy meals are advised, with occasional enjoyment in your favourite delicacies.

Everyday fasting is an active way to weight loss, as in the time of fasting, the body starves and starts to burn fat, say scientists from the University of Illinois in Chicago who published a study on this diet in the Nutrition and Healthy Aging magazine at the beginning of the year. To study the effects of the diet, scientists worked with 23 obese women at an average age of 45 years and BMI around 35. Between 10 am and 6 pm they were ate any food in the desired amount, but the remaining 16 hours were only to drink water or calories without calories. The study lasted 12 weeks.

Scientists have found that women who adhered to the diet lost about three percent of body weight, and on average they consumed 350 calories less. They lowered their blood pressure.

Healthy choices are always something to strive for, but if you order pizza once a week, that’s fine. The rest of the day, which makes up 16 hours, is allowed to consume water, tea and black coffee without milk and sugar.

How to withstand 16 hours a day without food?

At least half of fasting will be sleeping, while the rest may be allocated an hour or two after a wakeup that you will use to save and go to work a few hours before bedtime. If you are still wondering how it is possible to fast and function on a daily basis, remember other diets and rigorous rules that exclude favourite foods and finally get so hungry that after a while we are ready to give up. One of the most significant benefits of the 16: 8 diet is the fact that it quickly adapts to every lifestyle.

There are no forbidden foods, but sugary drinks should not be part of the diet.

There are no forbidden foods in an eight hours diet; nutritionists emphasise that such a diet is not an excuse for overeating. Sizes of portions are significant and should be considered. The only exceptions to this rule are high-sugar drinks, as an eight-dose diet opposes excessive intake of liquid calories. Enjoy teas and juices without added sugar.

Fasting has an excellent effect on the body, digestion and pressure

It should be remembered that there are weight loss options that do not include calorie counting or the elimination of certain food products, says Christa Varady, a professor of kinesiology and nutrition at the University of Illinois and one of the co-authors of the study.

The results coincided with previous research that tried to find out what effects a fasting has on our body and even the extreme. It is essential that the body is at a time when it does not eat up and cleans it out of toxins and effectively digests the food you entered in the body that day.

Each movement will improve your health

Diet 16: 8 is an excellent method for weight loss, and for that, reliable scientific evidence now exists. However, when it comes to losing weight, people should evaluate which way is best for them, as even small success can lead to improved metabolic health, scientists explain.

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