If you would do anything instead of exercising, this is the text for you even without fitness center.

Also, if you regularly postpone the start of exercise because of too cold or cold weather, because your favourite jeans are in the wash or because it is frozen, but only a few snowflakes fall, not all hopes are lost … You can still get in shape without fitness center.

Walk every half an hour

Research has shown that too long a sitting is associated with the risk of premature death, and experts stress that it would be ideal to walk at least every half an hour.

In addition to these drastic results of excessive sitting, it is also associated with a lack of fitness, back pain, and poor circulation.

Walk for a minimum 30 minutes or intensively clean the house

No, the glittering home will surely not provide you with a slimline, but deep cleaning can help you stay in good shape. What exactly does that mean? Instead of spending half a day on arranging a living room and a bathroom, do it as fast as possible. Assigning a faster pace, you will ensure the activation of numerous muscles.

But if you want to stay in the fresh air, but only a half hour walk will have a positive impact on your psyche, health, and fitness.

Exercise while watching your favourite series instead of fitness center

Even if you are looking your sitcom comfortably on the couch, you can always include some of the for-work exercises that you will quickly find on YouTube or Instagram profiles of many fitness trainers.

If you do not have enough concentration, you can perform exercises during advertising.

Get out of the virtual world

It is advisable to turn off the cell phone, laptop and other wonders of technology that will distract you and hold you for long periods of sleep at least an hour before bedtime. Namely, such early sleeping will very quickly increase energy, and then probably also with motivation for exercise that you are otherwise tired of.