That was confirmed by a study conducted at Harvard University that has found that yoga training is a great way to improve circulation and toxins from the body.

However, apart from the fact that this mode of exercise helps to stretch and strengthen the body, it also allegedly helps in the fight against cellulite. The secret is that yoga tightens, tones and extends muscles, and thanks to all this, your skin looks smooth.

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If you thought it was impossible to get a war against the orange bark and tried many expensive creams and natural remedies, there is nothing left for you to try and praise the yoga pose that is considered the best to eliminate cellulite. That is the eagle’s position that is simple enough to be able to perform it and complete beginners.

Get your foot next to your foot. From the upright position, gently fold both knees and then move the right leg over the left and wrap the right foot behind your left leg. Stretch both hands, place your right hand under your left and fold your palms. Hold for about 30 seconds in this position.

For visible results, this position should be exercised every day or at least three times a week for about 20 minutes.

Even if for some reason you do not help to get rid of cellulite, practising this pose will improve your back and tighten the back of your thighs. Whatever you turn, you are on the winning side.

Of course, do not forget to drink plenty of water, but also be healthy to feed!