Catch the gym because of full daily schedules are sometimes impossible. However, you should not be discouraged from exercising because there are applications for everyone: from yoga lovers to cyclists.

What coaches think is extremely useful when using applications is the ability to track progress.

“Be consistent and review the data every week. That will help you identify the problem, or you can discover whether you are training too much or too little, burn enough calories, and if your pulse is quick enough, “explained fitness instructor.

Fitness professionals recommend these free applications that your cell phone will become your trainer.

Beyond The Whiteboard

This application is intended for crossfire lovers. Calculate everything and find out which exercises are to run.

“I use to record the number of times, the run time and run distance. The bonus is that it connects you with the community and shows your score on the rankings of success, “said coach.

The application highlights your strengths and weaknesses and evaluates your level of fitness.


This app will let you know when it’s creating your daily training, you can also watch videos that will help you prepare, track your progress, and connect with other like-minded people.

“You can let others know that you like what they are doing, and they are for you too. This is a great motivation, “says coach Margie Welch.

Run With DMC

The DMC is an abbreviation for the Detroit Medical Center, which means you use an application with the guidance of a physician who can be contacted for help in the event of an injury.

“The app allows users access to numerous videos with training tips, but also warming up,” says Kirsty M. Smith.

In the app you can also find a list of domestic remedies for certain injuries caused by over-exercising but also track your own performance.


The MapMyRun application is the right choice for joggers who want to create training plans, organize routes and exercises.

Every month new challenges emerge that you can connect like a certain number of kilometers you will be forced to run. The app could also encourage you to plan.

We Time

This is an app for everyone who likes to post videos of their Instagram exercises. Allows you to shoot while the exact length of time is displayed at the bottom of the screen.