EXPERTS agree that abdominal muscles arise in the kitchen, not in the gym. If your goal is to lose weight in the stomach area, which is void as a very problematic part of the body, there is food that you should avoid.

Diet scientist Stephanie Ferrari has discovered what to avoid if you want to get rid of the abdomen.


“The first thing you need to get out of the diet if you are bothered with weight loss in the stomach are sugar and chilled beverages. Such foods are associated with increased production of cortisol, stress hormones. This hormone causes an increase in visceral fatty tissue, more commonly known as abdominal fat, “explained Ferrari.

It advises you avoid adding sugar in your coffee. An alternative to it may be cinnamon. In unsweetened yogurt you can add frozen berries, and in pancake bananas.

Refined cereals

A dietician of Ferrari claims that research has shown that eating refined cereals increases the fat of the abdomen.

“Instead of white bread, white rice and pasta, choose foods richer with fibers and proteins. These are, for example, quinoa, batat, integral rice and berries, “he advises.


Alcohol consumption is associated with weight gain, claims Whitney English, a dietitian.

“The body can not store alcohol as energy. A glass of wine is sometimes not a problem, but excessive consumption leads to more tummy, “says English.