weight loss

MANY employees are struggling to maintain a balanced and healthy diet plan.

Many eat ready-made foods that are often high-calorie, rich in fat, and they also have too much salt and sugar. After work, they reach for abundant rations and gain weight.

Nutritionist Susie Burrell claims that the diet for busy people is the key to a lower waist and more energy, but nutritiously rich bites should replace sugar.

“You need to reduce the intake of high-calorie foods and carbohydrates. Replace such foods with cooked eggs, celery and carrots with humus or Greek yoghurt, “Sunrise told.

Its recommendation is to consume less snacks four to five times a day.

“Remnants of food for many are an excellent choice because they save time and money, but need to be careful with heating. When you reheat food, you can destroy the nutritional value of foods. It is best to eat salads that are stored in a refrigerator, or meals that you do not need to heat up, “Burrell said.

Another one of her tips is to carry your dishes to work, as you can control the size of the portion.

“Avoid colleagues who always offer biscuits or sweets. You do not need this. Of course, sometimes it’s ok, but as it’s wise to keep away from office gossip, the same thing needs to be done with colleagues who always have something to bite, “said the nutritionist.