A survey conducted at several Swedish universities and Stanford University, which take 12 years and was carried out on a sample of as many as 3.4 million adults between the ages of 40 and 80, concluded that having a dog means that their owners have a healthier heart.

Sweden has been chosen as a landscaped country in which all dog owners have to register their pet, so it is possible to research a larger sample.

If the dog is part of the family, chances for heart disease are reduced by 11 percent, and even 33 percent are more likely to live longer. Researchers claim that this is because dogs provide social and emotional support to their owners, and they “drive” them to an active life. Besides, dogs bring new bacteria into their lives and thus strengthen the human body.

As previous studies have shown since males have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the possession of a dog could be an excellent “preventative”.

Of course, this does not mean that only the possession of a dog will provide you with a long life, but one thing is sure — you will get a big love by a dog.