weight loss

When Dara Sarsour’s teacher reached the weight of 176 kilos, he realised that it was time for a severe change.

The 35-year-old is grown up surrounded by food. In his family, the food gathered the family and was at the centre of each gathering. His mother’s speciality was fried food, and growing up, he always listened not to be allowed to leave the table until he had eaten anything.

As a boy, he was engaged in sports, so he was not a problem, but with less and more years he became more busy with other commitments.

He started working at school, he did not have much time for exercise, and the kilo had begun to accumulate.

“When I was older, I was less active. My choices were getting worse, and I was getting thicker, “he told Dana.

For years he was scared of scales, and then in February, he stopped at her. He had 176 pounds. He felt frustrated, disappointed, and realised that he lost control of life.

“I was angry at myself. I realized I had to do something, “she says.

He decided to undergo a stomach operation, but before that he had to lose weight a few pounds. He began to follow a strict diet regime and feed on protein, fruit and vegetables. He was not comfortable entering the gym so he started to walk. After several months he was able to walk a few kilometers.

At the end of the surgery he never left. He managed to lose weight alone, thanks to the power of his own mind and determination. It was 80 kilograms.

“I’m stronger than I ever could think. I’m more confident. I can run. I can do burpees and planks. These are the small victories I enjoy, “concludes Sarshuri, who is today the second man.