Hundreds times in a day we come across photographs of the perfect butt, and one influencer has decided to discover the truth that lies behind such pictures.

“This transformation of the buttock came in just 20 seconds. Do not believe everything you see on social networks, “wrote Rini Frey and showed her butt look at 11:15, and a minute later.

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This “booty transformation” took exactly 20 seconds 😂 Don’t believe everything you see on social media my friends 😬 My butt isn’t round and bubbly. Also, I literally don’t give a flying f🍉ck about getting a big 🍑 anymore. If you do, that’s cool, I don’t judge anyone. Personally, I prefer to work out to move my body and celebrate it, instead of focusing on how to get a big round butt or a small waist or whatever else is currently a trendy beauty ideal. This used to be a lot different, as you all know. I was obsessed with my body to a point where it consumed my entire life. If you’re currently struggling with this I want you to know that it’s not your fault! We grow up in a society that tells us what we should believe about being a woman. Society teaches us that being considered beautiful is the end-all-be-all in life and any other achievements don’t matter as much if we don’t look a certain way… At least this was the case for me and many people I’ve talked to about this. I call bullsh🍌t on that, because you are wonderful and worthy and loved, no matter what you look like! ❤️ . . . Can you promise me to not scroll through perfect 🍑-pictures today? Pinky promise that you will instead spend your free time texting someone and tell them why you love them, or better yet, call them? These little things make us a lot happier than playing the comparison game 😘 . . . ____________________________________________ #bootytransformation #bodyimagemovement #ihaveembraced #nonairbrushedme #healthynothungry #beforeandafter #loveyourself #acceptyourself #selflovespo #beyourself #embracethesquish #healthyliving

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Her goal was to send a message that we should never compare with others.

“I like to exercise, to go and celebrate it instead of focusing on how big and rounded my butt, how close my waist is or what’s already in the trend of beauty,” she added.
Like many other influencers and bloggers, Frey claims he has not always been satisfied with his body.

“I was so obsessed with the body that it had an impact on my whole life,” she said.

Her advice is to spend a day without Instagram. Instead, you suggest sending or sending a message to someone. They claim that we are going to be happier for such things than to be always comparing and living in the virtual world.