How many times have you met photos of slender women with perfect chest and buttocks?

Many women of the sexiest sex, as well as the influenza Malin Nunez, many admire for the perfect body, but she decided to show how much truth there is in it.

She published a photo and showed how her “perfect” ass really looks.

“I’m not perfect. I’m human with cellulite, I have stretch marks, excess skin, and so on, but I’m not afraid to show it, “she wrote along with a photo with a squeezed, relaxed and tense ass.

Nunez is a mother and a lover of fitness, but no matter how hard it is, this announcement has made it clear that there are still imperfections that can easily be hidden on the internet.

“We sit and feel bad about ourselves. We are confronted with perfect photos, and at the same time the person we are watching feels bad for something, “she added.

Nunez can boast of more than half a million followers sharing photos of his body, children, inspirational exercises, and ideas for healthy meals.