FORMULA is simple.

Although each body is different, there is a rule that always, at least initially, falls on the loss of pounds: eat less, move more. But if you have already lost your head on the very thought of exercise, we have excellent news for you. You can even stroll and walk. Yes, you read well.

Of course, you will not lose weight if you walk exclusively from house to car and in the opposite direction. However, it is necessary to make some more concrete figures.

The average walking person makes two thousand steps, losing about a hundred calories. But if you want to lose half a kilogram a week, you need to spend about 500 calories a day.

“That means you should make about 10,000 steps a day, which is just over eight kilometres,” explains personal trainer Courtney Meadows for Popsugar.

If this figure is scary, remember that all of the steps that you make on the way to work or home, going to the store or playing with a child in the park are included in it. It’s not that impossible, believe it.